13 June 2009

Yes... I need to get a life!

Cup Of Tea (Download)


Nice Fresh song for ya, its been a while i know!


Enjoy folks

20 January 2009

Monkey, Monkey, Jo, Jo, Jo!

This was a song I "wrote" years ago, hence its stupidity. It was funny at the time. I started to remake it last year, got round to finishing it today. 2 Tracks in one day, aint you lucky?

Monkey, Monkey, Jo, Jo, Jo! (Download)

Monkey Money Jo Jo Jo
I want you in my friend mo,
she is a right laugh
she should do stand up,
she is a right laugh
she should do stand up.

I have love, for my Monkey
and his friend, Jo-ah-oh-ee
They live in, A big red Caravan
Just of the, M1.


19 January 2009

Candyman Theme Remix

A song I love, by Philip Glass, Helens theme, most people know it as the Candyman theme.
Knocked this up today, after i played wit ha couple of ideas. the vocals aint that special. but its ok! i aint no Producer!

Candyman Theme Remix (Download)

I'm The Candyman
And I Want your Lonely Soul
Don't Cry
I'm not here to take your life
I just want to feel alive
Please don't cry
Don't know why
But I, I need you soul
to survive.


11 November 2008

Heart Surgery

I have wanted to try soemthing Trancy, like club trance for some time, but never got the sound right. Knocked this up today, I like the way it sounds.

Heart Surgery (Download) [5:54]


22 October 2008


This is my most recent song.

Just a remix of Busy Bumblebee, i was trying out some new vocoder sounds, and didn't have the inspiration for lyrics, so i shamefully recycled some.

DaftBee (Download)


Sirtet MP3

This is the Tetris theme backwards, sounds nice dont it?

Sirtet (Download)